If every business meeting culminated in a sale, life would be simple. Sadly, this is rarely the case.

Securing quality customers and clients can be as resource heavy as it is mentally draining. The rise of Covid has also left many professionals juggling scant resources or struggling to optimise their working hours.

This makes it essential to understand the issues your teams are facing and assess the opportunities available to support their efforts. So, what key issues do businesses face and how can outsourcing talent help address pain points and achieve your business goals?

Capacity vs. Conversions

When it comes down to it, the nuts and bolts of business are painfully obvious. Find a prospective client, make your pitch, deliver the work, reflect and reiterate, and work to build your brand. Simple, right?

Unfortunately, the real-world process is much more complex. Developing, maintaining, and refining your sales pipeline is a mission-critical task and can become exceptionally resource heavy.

This involves a number of intensive and unavoidable tasks, including:

  • Brand Publicity
  • Relationship Management
  • Pipeline Support and Automation

Adjusting established processes may be close to impossible with an overtaxed system. Or you simply may not have the experience or capacity to optimise your approach, overcome technical hurdles, or pursue the innovation needed to improve your brand.

In short, if you haven’t got the staff, you work harder for each and every conversion and sale.

Sales Vs. Marketing

Understanding and obtaining a balance between the two disciplines is a challenge for every business.

Reliable marketing teams focus on understanding your audience and cultivating actionable interest in the goods and services you provide. Sales picks up where they leave off and close the deal with clients and prospects, with both teams working hand-in-glove.

While the process can (and should) be highly regimented, finding the right alchemy between the two is tricky. This involves combining digital and physical marketing with trust building and client care that fosters recommendations and repeat business.

These skills can be taught, but professional expertise and leveraging innovation is vital for reliable returns. Add the issues surrounding Covid and many institutions are not only facing a changing market, but one that is more hesitant and resource rich than ever before.


The rise of outsourcing

The prevalence of analytics and remote-working technologies has made innovation and outsourcing easier and more dependable than ever before. This makes it easier to hire remote workers, embrace agile practice, or save time and effort on IT support and infrastructure, keeping your costs down and increasing expertise.

Picking the right provider helps cut down on issues around onboarding, training, and allows professionals to act as an extension to your existing sales and marketing practice. This lets you hand pick the missing piece of your jigsaw and iron out any issues stopping your business from achieving its full potential.

At Competitive Edge, we use our decades of professional experience to take a consultative and collaborative approach to support provision. This allows us to understand your business, validate your key goals, and implement an actionable plan to help achieve them. This helps budgets stretch further, allows you to make use of guidance and expertise, and lets you add validated extensions to your sales team.

In our case, this involves embedding a dedicated member of our team with your business to work onsite or remotely. They work alongside you to help achieve your desired goals and provide rigour to daily processes. From regular reporting, relationship management, campaign construction, and more.


What should you ask?

Of course, there is no point making change unless you know it’s right for your unique value proposition. Taking the time to review your processes and issues can help you make the right choice about your issue resolution and approach outsourcing correctly.

Some key questions to ask include:

Q. Where do our issues lie?: First and foremost, where is your conversion process falling down? Are you failing to secure warm insights? Is there not enough brand awareness about your work? Or maybe you simply don’t have the capacity to enact meaningful change?

Q. Am I tracking my insights?: Once you start looking for your issues, it’s time to record and address them. This can involve tracking client responses, capturing client feedback, or finding out why tenders and proposals were rejected. Capturing these can help you make positive changes to your working practice or highlight areas for closer scrutiny.

Q. Does the data support me?: Once the information has been captured, it’s time to turn them into actionable insights. This can be a demanding process and having a member of staff dedicated – or part attached – to capturing this information can help make sure the process is effective and sustainable.

What next?

If you’re struggling to hit the conversion targets you need, our team are here to help. With extensive experience supporting a range of clients, we understand the importance of bespoke care when you need it most.

If you have any specific questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch and let a member of our in-house team know exactly what you need to address you issues and optimise your approach in truly challenging times.